Information about the GeneSeeker

The GeneSeeker is continually being updated.
If you've got any questions or remarks, don't hesitate to report them to us.

With the GeneSeeker you can search in different databases simultaneously, given a known human genetic location and expression/phenotypic pattern. The GeneSeeker returns any found gene names wich are located on the specified location and expressed in the specified tissue.
To search for more expression location in one search, just enter them in the textbox for the expression location and separate them with logical operators (and, or, not). You can specify as many tissues as you want, the program starts 20 queries simultaneously, and then waits for a query to finish before starting another query, to keep server loads to a minimum.

You can also search only for expression, just leave the cytogenetic location fields blank, and do the query. If you only want to look for one cytogenetic location, only fill in the first location field, and the GeneSeeker will search with only this one.

Housekeeping genes , found in Swissprot can be excluded, or genes that are to be excluded can be specified.
Human chromosome localizations are translated with an oxford-grid to mouse chromosome localizations, and then submitted to the Mgd.

Right now the database that are searched by the GeneSeeker are (if available):

Expression databasesCytogenetic databases
Omim Mimmap
Medline Gdb
Swissprot (UniProt) Mgd
Trembl (UniProt)
Tbase *
* TBASE contents are merged with the Mouse Genome Informatics database. We use the phenotype information from the MGI database in searches.

The GeneSeeker is developed by
Koen Cuelenaere, Marc van Driel, Patrick Kemmeren, Han Brunner and Jack Leunissen.