PDB entry 2g9h

SpacegroupC 1 2 1
Cell dimensionsa: 150.395 Åb: 99.933 Åc: 72.917 Å
α: 90.00°β: 92.00°γ: 90.00°
Resolution2.00 Å

Experimental data
ReflectionsAll: 72140Test set: 2949 (4.1%)
Resolution range29.78 Å2.00 Å

R-values etc.
From PDB headerCalculated from dataAfter conservative optimisationAfter full optimisation
σR-free 0.00450.00440.0044
R-free Z-score 1.181.482.23

WHAT_CHECK validation
Original PDB entryConservatively optimisedFully optimised
1st generation packing quality10.0700.0260.062
2nd generation packing quality1-1.250-1.223-1.106
Ramachandran plot appearance1-0.579-0.367-0.326
Chi-1/Chi-2 rotamer normality1-2.261-1.428-1.092
Backbone conformation10.013-0.0730.008
Bond length RMS Z-score20.5360.3540.361
Bond angle RMS Z-score20.7210.6130.609
Total number of bumps3725351
Unsatisfied H-bond donors/acceptors3233938
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1 Higher is better
2 Should be lower than 1.000
3 Fewer is better

Electron density map validation
Real-space correlation coefficientReal-space R-factor
Significantly improved residues56188
Significantly deteriorated residues12
Changes of all residuesPlot Plot