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  The genomes of Pyrococcus abyssi (29292) Pyrococcus furiosus (2261) Pyrococcus horikoshii (53953) were screened for the protein families in the Pfam database using HMM searches.
For every protein family, all the homologous genes in the investigated species are listed. For every gene,
 pyrobase... provides information about the following:
  • the domain and reliability of the Pfam prediction is given
  • the gene was assigned to a cluster of orthologous groups of proteins from the COG database if the first three BLAST hits were consistent; the domain is given, as well as the COG name and functional category
  • if a COG was assigned, it was submitted to a STRING search to identify orthologous groups (COGs and NOGs, see STRING) that were genomically linked to the query gene; scores for neighborhood, fusion and co-occurrence in genomes are given
  • the amino acid sequence of the gene is provided
  • buttons are included to directly submit the sequence to a STRING genomic context search, or a SMART domain architecture search

You can always click on an identifier to link to more information in one of the source databases.

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