GRAP and TinyGRAP were originally conceived and implemented by Oyvind Edvardsen and Kurt Kristiansen at the University of Tromsoe.

When you use TinyGRAP, please cite: Beukers MW, Kristiansen I, IJzerman AP, Edvardsen I., TinyGRAP database: a bioinformatics tool to mine G protein-coupled receptor mutant data., Trends Pharmacol Sci. 1999 Dec;20(12):475-7.

Over the years many people have contributed significantly to the success of TinyGRAP, most noticeably Margot Beukers and Florence Horn. Presently, Kurt Kristiansen is maintaining TinyGRAPO while working in the group of Ingebrigt Sylte. The TinyGRAP data is presently located at the CMBI to ease the technical aspects of its maintenance.