Submitting a MOPAC Job

Through this form one can submit a MOPAC job to our SG Challenge. This service is intended for small jobs only, where one can wait for the result. They are placed in a 'fast' queue with a CPU limit of 10 minutes. This is sufficient for a normal optimization or FORCE calculation on a system of moderate size, even for a line search on a small system.

The temporary output files will be placed in a temporary directory (save them if you want to keep them!), which is monitored on a web page.
The .arc file is copied to a .moo file, with the MIME type chemical/x-mopac-out attached to it.
In case the keyword FORCE is used, the .out file is copied to a .mvb file, with the corresponding MIME type chemical/x-mopac-vib.
Remember that you can cut an updated input file from the .arc file!

Paste or type your MOPAC input into the window below:

Alternatively, enter the name of a local file:

You can for MOPAC, or all values and start all over.

Last update: 30-Oct-1996, JackL