Table I. Curses extensions to Tcl

curses initscr initialize Curses package
curses endwin terminate Curses package
curses mode <[no]cbreak> <[no]nl> <[no]echo> <[no]raw> set terminal mode
curses newwin <win> <nlin> <ncol> <begin_y> \ <begin_x> create new Curses window with reference to <win>
<win> [-m <lin> <pos>] position cursor in window
<win> [-a <{|so|ul|rev|blink|dim|bold}*> ] set character attribute
<win> clrtoeol clear to end of line
<win> clrtobot clear to bottom
<win> refresh refresh window
<win> clear clear window
<win> getch get character input from window
<win> addstr <string> write <string> to window
<win> delete delete window
<win> touch touch window
<win> box [on | off] put box around window